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We are looking to hire an experienced senior software developer to head up our development team. In this role, you will be responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of new software systems. You may also be required to update existing software and conduct feasibility studies on company systems. While your role will be managerial in nature, you will also be expected to code applications, create reports, and mentor the junior developers.

You should have high-level managerial skills, in-depth knowledge of programming languages, and outstanding project management skills.





What You’ll Do

  • Meeting with development managers to discuss software projects.

  • Conducting feasibility studies for upgraded software systems.

  • Designing new software programs, websites, and applications.

  • Assigning tasks to junior developers such as coding, testing, debugging, and analytics.

  • Writing advanced programming code.


  • Reviewing updated software systems.

  • Managing project timelines and tasks.

  • Writing development reports.

  • Creating technical documents for new software programs.

  • Training staff on software use.

Who You are

  • +5 years previous experience as a software programmer.

  • Managerial experience preferred.

  • Advanced knowledge of programming languages including Python 3.8  and JavaScript (modern, Ecms 6)

  • Knowledge of system frameworks including Component based web development,  vue.js

  • Also Git, CI/CD, Terraform, Serverless, AWS (lambda, ApiGateway, S3, Cloudformation, Cloudfront...) and DynamoDb

  • Experience creating and maintaining databases.

  • Experience working with Agile development technologies.

  • Advanced project management skills.

  • Good interpersonal skills.

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