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About Batteries & Charging E-scooters: Old Problems, New Solutions.

It is widely known, that one of the headaches that most affects E-scooter owners is the battery range and the charging times.

At QOOB we want to explain why it is necessary to install charging stations in offices and public spaces to improve mobility and user experience within cities. The main concerns that users face when buying their E-scooter are the following :

  • In normal city conditions, 90% of E-scooters sold in the market have an approximated real battery range of 20km ( 75kg driver, 15-20km/h speed, regular city conditions).

  • Real effective E-scooter battery range is 50% to 70% of the manufacturer-claimed range.

  • After 400 charging cycles, battery performance is degraded on a 20%. After one year of daily use, real range of an E-scooter can go below 15km.

  • In addition to that, it doesn’t exist a standard charger in the whole industry.

In addition to that, mobility studies indicate that the average distance that any citizen travels per day to commute to work exceeds 15km. As a consequence, it becomes necessary to create spaces that allow E-scooter owners to charge and park their vehicles.

Our charging system, QOOB's soul.

QOOB hides a unique charging technology at its heart. To configure the ability to supply power to a wide range of E-vehicles, an intelligent charging system has been developed for the lithium battery technology used by this type of vehicle.

The feature that makes this system unique is the ability to adapt its charging mode to batteries of nominal voltages of 24v, 36v, and 48v, covering a wide spectrum of E-vehicles currently in the market. In addition, the system monitors both voltage and current throughout the entire charging process, ensuring that it is optimally performed.

For the development of the charging system, the most widely used E-vehicles have been studied, using a splitter with the four most common connector standards among these vehicles.

The system has a long list of protections that protect the QOOB from unforeseen uses by the user.

Finally, this charger has been designed keeping in mind the importance of connectivity. This allows to generate KPIs as well as giving remote support against any unpredicted event.

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